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Students urged to go for science subjects

Education and Vocational Training Deputy minister Mwatumu Mahiza has implored students to opt for science subjects in a bid to increase number of scientists in the country.

The minister said the government wanted the number of scientists to increase so as to boost country’s socio-economic development.

Mahiza was speaking over the week-end in Dar es Salaam at a ceremony to award best secondary school students in the Chemistry subject during their final examination results.

Mahiza said the government was making all efforts to encourage more students in secondary schools to opt or continue with science subjects including chemistry.

She said last year her ministry launched a three-year strategic program of enhancing and motivating science teachers in primary and secondary schools.

“We really need science to advance. This is the world of science and technology; it is very difficult for a nation to develop without investing in science,” said Mahiza.

She said academicians have a very big role to play in helping the government to promote national development including issues of professional ethics.

For his part, the chairperson of the Tanzania Chemistry Society, Dr Ernest Mashimba said his society will continue to recognize and award all students scoring top marks in the subject in national examinations in order to motivate others to opt for science subjects.

Livestock Development and Fisheries minister John Magufuli who is among the permanent members of the Tanzania Chemistry society, said there was great need of investing in chemistry because about 80 per cent of human activities involves the application of chemistry.

“Even in my ministry many activities depends on chemistry, so this subject is very important. Let us encourage more students to study this subject” said Magufuli.

During the event, 12 students who completed Form Four examinations in November 2008 and form six in 2009 from various secondary schools as shown in bracket were awarded special certificates: Ivon Muganyizi, Fides Nyaisonga,Genvalda Mbawala (St Francis), Shaban Omary (Tabora Boys), Jose Musembe, Fredrick Sikay (Ilboru) Hilda Galdah, Golden Faustin (Marian Girls), Asimwe Ruganyisa (Barbro Johnson), Willam Edson (Azania), Raymond Aidan (Kibasila) and Ally Hussein (Al-Muntazir)


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